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What is a Lifestyle Strategist?


Think of it this way…a football coach helps his players recognize their weaknesses and strengths.  He helps condition them to become stronger to improve and win their game.  The football coach motivates the players to overcome their physical and emotional hurdles that are preventing them from playing to their full potential.

A Lifestyle Strategist does the same thing to help their clients reach full potential. And, much like the football coach, a Lifestyle Strategist then puts together a strategy for game day. You can learn all of the best tools in the world, but unless you have a solid strategy to implement them, what good are they? Can you imagine what would happen if a football coach just put his players out on the field on game day and said, “play” without any game plan?  Even with all their conditioning, without a game plan, it would just be chaos and good chances they would lose the game. They need a strategy. And that is exactly what a Lifestyle Strategist will do for you. We recondition you to become stronger, and we help you identify and break through any barriers that are keeping you from reaching your full potential, and then most importantly… we develop a strategy for your plan of action.

Vixen Unleashed is dedicated to helping women bring sensuality and balance back into their lives. We take a holistic approach through our personal development and professional achievement solutions, and we’re committed to giving you the best products, experience, and actionable tools possible for creating a healthier, sexier, and more dynamic life!

No matter what achievement level we’ve reached in our personal life or business; whether we are entrepreneurs, we’re climbing the corporate ladder, or we are savvy homemakers; successful women don’t stop once we’ve reached the summit of Mount Everest!  We just start looking for a different mountain to climb and a bigger challenge in life.  We are driven.  It’s in our human psyche to strive for bigger, better, and more. And sometimes bigger, better and more…is simply more balance and peace in our lives.

Whether we are driven to care for our families, enrich our personal lives, or we are driven to succeed in the workplace… without fail, this drive has caused us to search for the best consultants and resources so we may continue growing in life, attaining personal fulfillment and satisfaction, and achieving higher levels in business.  At Vixen Unleashed, we work with you to create your strategy to grow and realize your unlimited potential!

The term, “unleashed” means to release or to let go.  When you are a Vixen Unleashed, you let go of any unhealthy habits that are destroying you spiritually, emotionally and physically, and you release the strong and confident woman within.

At Vixen Unleashed, our Lifestyle Strategists will work together with you to develop your personal strategy to help release you from any Fears, Anxiety, and Toxic behaviors (F.A.T) that are holding you back, so you can finally go from F.A.T. to Freedom!

If you are ready to be a Vixen Unleashed then call today for your FREE Coaching Strategy Session today!

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This session is imperative if you:

·       Have trouble prioritizing your own health and well being

·       Are ready for real change

·       Are over stressed, exhausted, and find yourself last on your to do list

·       Always feel like there is not enough time in the day

·       Are ready for positive change in your life

·       Are victim to self sabotaging thoughts and habits

·       Are stuck in the rut of excuses

·       Want to take your personal and/or professional life to the next level

·       Are sick and tired of your lack of energy

·       Need direction on how to set and achieve YOUR goals

·       Want to become more authentically you

·       Are tired of living by everyone else’s rules

·       Are ready to change your life for good and become the woman you always dreamed to be!


Vixen Unleashed is way more than just a diet book. It’s a way of life.

We don’t just give you the tools; we give you a strategy to implement those tools, so you can finally let go and experience true freedom! Don’t wait until you hit rock bottom! Schedule your FREE coaching strategy session today!

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